What We Do

Government Relations Everywhere

HVJT Consulting is a full-service government affairs consulting firm specializing in state and local government relations strategies and management.

We provide clients with a broad and diverse range of government relations and lobbying services leveraging our premier network of influential relationships with policymakers, elected officials and regulators in all fifty states.

We specialize in managing large and small lobbying campaigns on legislative, regulatory and procurement matters at the state and local level.

Who We Are

Leading In Experience/ Unrivalled Competence

Our team has decades of experience and has worked with some of the largest Fortune 500 companies managing their state lobbying programs and public affairs needs.

Strategic Approach

Ready Right Now

HVJT Consulting is ready right now to construct an integrated state and local government affairs operation to deliver results. We can make an immediate impact because managing your state and local government affairs needs is a core competency for us.

Our clients hire us to:

  • Ensure they have the right lobbyists and consultants working on their behalf;
  • Hire new consultants and terminate ones that are not producing results;
  • Handle all contracting and invoicing with lobbyists and consultants – including contract negotiation, length of contract and scope of work;
  • Put in place goals and objectives for all lobbyists and consultants;
  • Manage deliverables and ensure work is getting done;
  • Create reporting and communication processes on a set and consistent timeframe;
  • Deliver ROI and accumulate wins;
  • Ensure adherence to ethical standards and the complex web of everchanging registration and compliance requirements in all fifty states.


From Advocacy to Administrative Management

Our clients outsource their state government affairs and administrative management to us in order to streamline the process and shift a complex and costly administrative burden. Our team members have decades of experience:

  • Changing the legislative and the regulatory environment;
  • Launching local state, regional and national policy projects;
  • Identifying, recruiting and vetting lobbyists and consultants;
  • Building coalitions;
  • Association Management;
  • Coordinating outreach to media, journalists and opinion leaders;
  • Managing issue advocacy organizations;
  • Executing communications strategy and digital media;
  • Providing polling and opposition research; and
  • Supervising reporting, legal and compliance obligations, and administering contracts, accounting and payments.

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